Greenworld’s patent pending Metal Stick Frame Interlocking Wall System virtually eliminates the need for wood stud framing. Our technology allows construction to happen faster (90% reduction in construction time) and with substantially less waste, resulting in a more resilient and sustainable product while still saving money. Our system is designed to be up to 2.5x stronger than traditional wood stud framing at the same total cost or less.

Our metal stick framed interlocking wall panels can be shipped from the factory with upgraded electrical, plumbing, windows and water-proof insulation already installed, further reducing field construction times and costs. You get commercial-grade strength, increased speed of construction and greatly reduced waste, all in one innovative package, the Innovator™ Series.


Ideal Applications

1. Exterior Structural Walls

2. Interior Structural Walls

3. Partition Walls

4. Fire-rated Demising Walls


quicktime highress from GreenWorld Restoration on Vimeo.

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