GWR120-Product-Headers Greenworld’s patent pending Lightweight Concrete Panels (LWCP) are significantly stronger than concrete blocks and require 80% less energy to manufacture the materials. This product is ideal for rebuilding after a disaster providing a 5x safety factor improvement over traditional concrete blocks. Withstanding winds of up to 350 mph, this product is designed to help bring peace of mind.


Ideal Applications

1. A replacement for non-structural brick siding

2. Exterior or Interior Structural Walls

3. Partition Walls

4. Fire-Rated Demising Walls, Shaft Enclosures or Column Wraps

5. Floors

6. Roof Decking

7. Sound Barrier Fencing


Speed, Resiliency and Savings Wrapped Into One

The Eco-Classic™ Series increases resiliency while saving time and money compared with traditional construction materials.  GreenWorld’s Lightweight Concrete Panels can be assembled into a building in 50% less time than concrete block construction. Unskilled laborers can be taught the ins and outs of the system quickly and easily, all without the use of heavy equipment.


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