The Oil and Gas Industry is booming across North America. Adequate housing for a sizable workforce has become a challenge. Standards of living are often sacrificed to provide the most inexpensive option. The result: sub-par living quarters, disgruntled workers, unsanitary conditions, and high turnover and attrition rates. All of these conditions translate into thousands of wasted dollars annually with cost and quality control becoming insurmountable issues that slow project progression.

GreenWorld provides turnkey housing solutions that not only satisfy workers’ needs, but also help advance the corporate social responsibility goals of the energy industry through the use of sustainable building materials.  Our solutions significantly reduce waste and time of construction, lowering the total cost of ownership. All this while providing product that can eventually be converted into permanent single-family homes, increasing the residual value dramatically.

GreenWorld’s Workforce Housing appeals to the local community as the structures become an integral part of the community helping to increase property value and long term residual value. Unlike traditional man-camps, our structures are aesthetically pleasing with a “suburbia” look and feel that reinforces a commitment to enhancing the community.

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