Development & Construction

The future of construction is environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions, but that future has always come at a high cost. While the benefits of green construction are numerous, the costs have often slowed progress.

GreenWorld Restoration provides solutions for the Development & Construction industries through a combination of our Fortress Product Line and our Integrated Architecture for Sustainable Communities™ allowing you to embrace the future today. And through our advanced Building Systems Platform™ we are able to combine industry-standard construction methods with the consistency of factory production. Our construction methodology results in up to 90% less construction time and up to 95% less field waste. These cost savings allow you to build green for the same cost or less than traditional methods.

GreenWorld utilizes business processes that are US Federal Drug, Hospital, and Aerospace qualified for accountability, traceability, and quality assurance standards that would meet ISO 9001 and ASO standards.  Our strategic collaboration with maritime companies facilitates timely certified shipments of materials to project locations.

We can help you build not only single-family homes, but an entire infrastructure designed to address all the needs of a community. Our building materials, construction processes, and designs support the creation of low-cost, flexible buildings suitable for creating infrastructure where none exists –on or off-grid. Our innovative products provide strength, speed of construction and cost savings through waste and construction time reductions.

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